OMG!, I am winning on Newgrounds SIM v1.2 alot! :O

2010-11-03 21:52:37 by Myarbrough4

Hello!, And i am going to tell you what the ending looks like on Newgrounds SIM v1.2!, The ending looks like Tom Fulp goes to your house!, And he turns you into an admin!, Also you will see a Video of a parody of Tom Fulp's voice!, And you will see the End Game Artwork!, And i can beat it is because i am awesome and great at that game!, Check it out!, You will probabbly win!, The easy way to become an Admin is to get High on the Rankings on Newgrounds SIM v1.2!, Get alot of Points!, Everything!, The hard way to do it is to get awful lot of Cool Points on Newgrounds SIM v1.2!, Think you can beat it the easy way or the hard way!, Oh!, And also if you can get the entire Stickers on Newgrounds SIM v1.2!, You will unlock Debug Mode!, It is really fun! :D


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2010-11-04 17:03:03

Im droppin by to say thank u for joining my club and that yer cooler than a mother fuckin cucumber.


Myarbrough4 responds:

Thank you!, I am cooler than Studio NG users!, Oh!, And i am awesome too! :D