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What is happening to the Advertisments!, I remember there were from 2006!, And i think i look like a 2006 Newgrounds member!, But i don't get it!, Tell me what is hapenning with the Advertisments!, It is looks like Newgrounds is going back to 2006 again!

I did!, It was so awesome!, I have the greatest Halloween ever!

Hello everyone!

2010-10-30 13:06:09 by Myarbrough4

I have made a full message on my Newgrounds profile!, Check it out!

Halloween is gonna be here on Newgrounds tommorow!, And Tom Fulp decided to make Halloween Levels for the Newgrounds Members!, So enjoy your Newgrounds Halloween Level on Newgrounds! :D

This is my 10th News Post!

2010-10-24 21:58:29 by Myarbrough4


I am addicted to Newgrounds!

2010-10-24 20:24:41 by Myarbrough4

Is because i am so awesome on Newgrounds!, I can never stop!

I have submitted my 20th Art submission!

I have 20 art submissions! :D

Oh and by the way! :D

2010-10-23 13:43:19 by Myarbrough4

Here is my 2nd art submission that i submitted on the Newgrounds Art Portal!, I am not annoying! :D

Oh and by the way! :D

Hello everyone!, As you can see my Userpage is still in construction is because i wanted to have the most popular Newgrounds userpage!, So if you like my Userpage!, See my Art now! :D

I have made my 1st 2 Art submissions! :D

Hi!, I am Myarbrough4!, And i am a Level 4 Newgrounds member!, I am also on Town Watch and horribly i am on Garbage Whistle :'( I spend time on Newgrounds on the Newgrounds Flash Portal blamming crappy Under Judgment flash submissions and sometimes and many times i was saving on the Newgrounds Flash Portal if the under judgment flashes are pretty awesome!, I like to make News Posts and i like to make BBS Posts on Newgrounds!, I also spend my time on the Newgrounds Audio Portal and the Newgrounds Art Portal!, I am Myarbrough4!, And this is my life on Newgrounds!, Sorry i made a BBS Post about my history and life on Newgrounds!, So anyways what is your Newgrounds?