Myarbrough4's News

If you wanna sign up on Newgrounds!, Click the Sign up button!, Once you sign up on Newgrounds!, You will get a E-mail message from G-bot so that you can validate your Newgrounds account!, It will shows up your New username and password!, You will get extra Grounds Gold on your new Newgrounds profile!, You can also 10+ experience points when you vote on the Newgrounds Flash Portal!, All you have to do is vote on 5 submissions!, There are many things to do on Newgrounds!, So go to other Educational Newgrounds Interactive flashes that you have to learn on Newgrounds!, Also you have to read the Forum rules if you are new on Newgrounds!

If you wanna know what the ending is!, It is looks when before you sleep!, Tom Fulp comes to your house and asked you if you wanna become an Site Admin on Newgrounds SIM v1.2!, Then you will a video of a voice message from Josh Fulp or Tom Fulp and the End Game Artwork is a dude who is grabbing a Level 30 icon! :D That is what the ending looks like on Newgrounds SIM v1.2!

I have deposited my Experience points on Newgrounds 2x today and midnight! (Suprised?)

I am the most ultimate Newgrounder on Newgrounds!, Is because i am awesome! :D